ChLamars In it to Win it Very sad to say we lost our beautiful Jimmy Feb.7th,2014 at 4:30 PM Always in my heart Air Jimmy !


Am Can Ch Beowulfs Brijas Smuggler

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Leading Man Bogart

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Taylor Made Kodiak Son

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Kodiak Pride

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Taylor Made

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs The Next Generation

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Judge Cedric

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Morgan Ltd. Edition

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Brittanys Jingabell

Am.Can.Ch.Albert Hunter of Jericho C.G.C.

Jericho Iron Chief War Lion

Lady Tigress of Jericho

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulfs Ka Cie Bailey

Am.Can.Ch.Beowulfs KaCie Timbre C.G.C.

Beowulfs Porche Gold

Ch.Lamars Twist of fate

Ch.Pleasantview of Moonstone

Ch.Moonstones Noblest Rasputin

Ch.Saratoga Floyd

Ch.Moonstones Heather U Promised

Britestars Daphne

Ch.Britestars Dual Image

Ch.Britestars Stardust

Ch.Lamars Such a Princess

Ch.Britestars Dual Image

Ch.Yama Bushi Shen Rei

Ch.Gentry's Britestar Panda

Ch.Lamars Sassy sandy Savy

Lamars Brandon Le' Moose

Knightsens Muir Oaks Sophie