Be an informed buyer!!

I would like to take this opportunity to warn all the would be puppy buyers out there with all the newbie breeders we have now days boasting many years of Mastiff experience but in truth only having and bred their own Mastiffs for a couple of years .You need  to  do your research before buying a pup ask around in the Mastiff Community before purchasing a pup making sure that the breeder you are buying from does indeed breed to the National Club Code of Ethics and that they are respected in the Mastiff Community. Local Clubs tend to be more lax in their COE's. 

If you do your research and ask all the right questions you should be able to buy from a reputable honest caring breeder. 

There are breeders breeding for the betterment of the Breed and breeders just breeding to put pups on the ground you should be able to distinguish between the 2. Do not believe everything you read on web sites there are breeders that will tell you whatever they think you want to hear and fabricate the truth to sell you a pup. Bashing responsible, ethical, proven breeders is not the way to sell a pup. 
If they have been breeding for only a short length of time but have many litters on the ground you should ask what their breeding goals are. What accomplishments their dogs have had to date. What is the purpose of putting as many pups on the ground as fast as you can? Quality comes from careful educated reputable breeders.  Do not be in a rush and buy the first pup you find. Web sites can be impressive, do not be fooled by fast talkers ask questions!!!  Be informed !!!!!!!!! 
Best of Luck in your puppy Search.